• Our History

    Our History

We are defining the industry standard for competency and capability in safety related technical and non-technical training

People Factor Consultants Ltd have built a strong industry recognised reputation for our technical and non-technical training and consultancy services. 

How we started

High hazard industries, such as nuclear power production, oil and gas exploration and production, medicine, emergency services, merchant shipping, are increasingly recognising the influence of non-technical skills on safety and performance in the workplace. In response to this growing awareness, People Factor Consultants Ltd was established provide consultancy and training with the aim of developing the knowledge and understanding of these non-technical skills. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who provide high value support to clients in the form of both training and consultancy to help organisations to improve their operational performance, especially in high hazard environments.


What happened next

People Factor Consultants Ltd then expanded to incorporate a technical branch specialising in electrical safety and competence. Combining our knowledge of non-technical skills with the technical knowledge required by operators when managing power distribution systems, we believe, leads to individuals developing greater competence and confidence in their performance, which benefits the teams that they work with and the overall organisation in terms of safety and effectiveness. 


The way forward

We have gained support from our clients as they continue to acknowledge the benefits of developing their employees’ competence. We are now recognised as a leading consultancy that operates across a wide range of industries throughout the UK and internationally. 

Our power distribution management system simulator and the PC-based simulator (SwitchIt) have been developed to allow operators to train and practise in a safe environment. Many of our training courses include both practical and theoretical inputs so that attendees can test out their knowledge and understanding. 


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    Our aim is to improve efficiency within your work place. We deliberately keep our class sizes small as our training is fully interactive– no endless folders of notes, no clock watching. Our courses are based around you and the work you do every day, making them 100% relevant.

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