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The courses are designed to not only improve technical ability, but crucially leave participants better equipped to understand their role, make decisions and understand the effects of stress and other factors on performance.

PFC are able to offer a wide range of Human Factors and behavioural training courses which promote safe and effective performance.

Topics include: 

Electrical Safety and Situation Awareness (ESSA). This course is designed to enhance electrical safety knowledge and situation awareness skills of personnel who implement the organisation’s electrical safety rules. The course provides training on safety requirements, the importance of Non-Technical Skills and tools to improve safety in the workplace. 

Responsible Electrical Person (REP). This course is designed for electrical personnel who are already acting as an REP, or are working towards this role. The course provides technical and Non-Technical training. This course utilises our bespoke Electrical Generation & Distribution Simulator where the course delegates are subjected to challenging scenarios.

Individuals in Non-Technical Skills (INTS). This course is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of Non-Technical Skills and their impact on performance in the workplace. The course provides training on Human Factors, the effects of stress and methods for improving safety. 

Expert Trainers

Our trainers come from a range of backgrounds both academic and industry, and know what makes training relevant, worthwhile and enjoyable while enhancing safety and assuring integrity.

Class Size

We deliberately keep our class sizes small as our training is fully interactive– no endless folders of notes, no clock watching. Our courses are based around you and the work you do every day, making them 100% relevant.

Bespoke Training

PFC also provide bespoke training courses and workshops. These can be tailored to address a client's particular issue and enhance understanding in both technical and Non-Technical Skills. The state-of-art simulator can also be used to support learning and operator confidence.

Take a look at our courses below or get in touch to discuss how we can help you optimise your workplace performance. 

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    Our aim is to improve efficiency within your work place. Our courses are based around you and the work you do every day, making them 100% relevant.

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