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We are defining a new industry standard for competency and capability.

PFC Human Factors are responsible for our human factors services and are part of the PFC Group.

We understand that operator performance is a blend of technical competence and human factors. We offer a range of bespoke training packages and consultancy solutions to help maximise your performance.

What Are Human Factors?

Human Factors describes how an individual performs tasks in the workplace, how they interact with others and the organisational issues that influence their performance. We are world-renowned for our Human Factors expertise, focusing on the non-technical skills that allow people to utilise their technical skills safely.

Why Are Human Factors Important?

We know that the people factor is vital for efficiency, productivity and profitability. Better understanding the human factor in combination with technical competence is vital for successful performance in the workplace.

We know from our experience that human factor problems can result in many negative outcomes including:

  • loss of earnings
  • errors
  • poor productivity
  • competency & compliance issues
  • poor team work
  • wrong decisions
  • low morale
  • incidents
  • reputation damage

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Human Factors Consultancy

Everyone at PFC is highly experienced in working within high hazard industries. We understand the demands generated by complex and challenging working environments. Through our human factors expertise, we enhance the capabilities of individuals and teams to ensure that they are Capable, Safe & Competent.

Our tailored solutions recognise the importance of both technical skills and human factors. PFC Human Factors have developed a range of consultancy solutions for clients operating in the UK and overseas Oil & Gas Sector.

Previous topics have included:

  • Non-technical skills training and assessment
  • Critical incident decision making
  • Stress and performance
  • Incident investigation
  • Emergency response exercise and observation
  • Team skills and interactions
  • Leadership development
  • Non-technical skills: Drilling team, Well Control, Managing Well Operations

Human Factors Assessment

PFC Human Factors have also conducted human factors assessments on clients’ facilities both offshore and onshore throughout the world.

Human Factors Training

PFC Human Factors provide comprehensive training in the following topics:

Electrical Safety and Situation Awareness (ESSA). This course is designed to enhance electrical safety knowledge and situation awareness skills of personnel who implement the organisation’s electrical safety rules. The course provides training on safety requirements, the importance of non-technical skills and tools to improve safety in the workplace. 

Responsible Electrical Person (REP). This course is designed for electrical personnel who are already acting as an REP, or are working towards this role. The course provides technical and non-technical training. This course utilises our bespoke Electrical Generation & Distribution Simulator where the course delegates are subjected to challenging scenarios.

Foundations in Non-Technical Skills (FNTS). This course is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of non-technical skills and their impact on performance in the workplace. The course provides training on human factors, the effects of stress and methods for improving safety. 

Bespoke Training

PFC Human Factors also provide bespoke training courses and workshops. These can be tailored to address a client's particular issue and enhance understanding in both technical and non-technical skills. The state-of-art simulator can also be used to support learning and operator confidence. 

Topics can include:

  • PC-based simulator design and development
  • Developing resilience
  • Handling uncertainty
  • New directors development
  • Threat and error management
  • Tactical decisions
  • Change management
  • High fidelity simulator installations

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