• Responsible Electrical Person (REP) Training

    Responsible Electrical Person (REP) Training

“Training facility really unique and would recommend this course for all HV and REP assessment”

What was the Problem?

Authorised electrical personnel are often appointed to the role of Responsible Electrical Person (REP) based mainly on their technical knowledge or years of service. Although the role of the REP is recognised as involving other aspects such as supervising and leading, briefing and training (see Oil & Gas UK, Guidelines for management of electrical operations, 2008), no training was available for this role.

What was the Solution?

A training course targeting both the technical and non-technical knowledge and skills for REPs was developed. The curriculum includes Protection Relay Operations, Generator Control, and Assessment of Competency of others, as well as non-technical skills such as Communication, Decision Making, Situation Awareness, Leadership, Teamwork, and Stress Management. Simulator-based exercises are observed and feedback provided.

What was the Outcome?

To date, over 300 REPs have completed this City & Guilds accredited course. The aim of the course is to ensure that anyone in the REP role is Capable, Safe & Competent.


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